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  1. Covid-19 Updates & Resources

  2. ClassDojo

    Class Dojo for Parents ClassDojo is a web based app which we have introduced to improve communication between the school and parents/carers. Should you wish…

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  3. FLO

    Hello my name is Marie Regan I am the Family Liaison Officer (FLO) at Stone Bay School. I have worked in community settings and schools…

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  4. Yr 7 Catch up

  5. PE & Sports

  6. Careers

  7. SBS Public Calendar

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  8. Privacy Notice

    Privacy Notice for Students/Parents School Workforce Privacy Notice

  9. Our Offer.

  10. Child Protection & Safeguarding: SBS Reviews.

    We review our systems and processes formally on an annual basis. Two reviews are carried out one by our Senior Designated Safeguarding Lead and the…

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