Stone Bay School Residential Accommodation

Stone Bay School has five 38 week residential flats sited across the school. These areas are all very individual and meet the needs of our weekly and fortnightly boarding students

All our bedrooms are decorated to meet the individual needs of the students and wherever possible both the students and their families are involved in this process.

The environment for our students is a crucial part of our work as residential educators. We understand that if we get this right, then the residential experience for students can have a massive impact on their future lives.

Our flats are safe and secure and ae furbished to a high standard throughout the school. We are committed to keeping a very good standard of accommodation and aim to enhance flats where possible.

The furnishings we use in the flats are homely – yet robust enough to meet the needs of our students. Each flat has its own kitchen and dining facilities so that we can give our students more opportunities to improve their independence skills.

Many of our bathrooms have been replaced recently and these have sensor lighting and sensors on the taps and toilet flushes making things easier for our students to cope with as they further their personal care skills.

We have Wi-Fi throughout the residential accommodation enabling children and young people to access the Internet via laptops, tablets or other mobile devices. The Internet is filtered to safeguard the children from accessing inappropriate content.