Lower School: Key Stage 2 & 3.

Stone Bay Lower School.

We ensure all children are taught in small classes with appropriate staffing levels to ensure all needs of the children can be met. We adopt and adapt aspects of the TEACCH approach to organising classes. All staff supporting learning will have additional training in:

  • Safeguarding and Child Protection.
    • Updated Annually.
  • Communication.
    • Picture Exchange Communication System.
    • Makaton signing.
    • Using Objects of Reference.
  • Positive Behaviour Support.
    • Prospects.
  • Where appropriate and when required, key members of staff will be trained in the administration of medication.

In addition to national curriculum subject based learning delivered through the topics below we have a framework in place to capture progress our children make in terms of their Personal and Social Development.

We use individual target setting across the lower school in the following areas:

  • Independent and organisational skills.
  • Attention.
  • Interacting and working with others.

In Key stage 3 we also work with our students to complete an ASDAN qualification: New Horizons.

Our children are at the very beginning of subject based learning and we teach curriculum content through topics. Topics have been developed collaboratively to ensure they cover programmes of study identified by staff as being appropriate, offering a balance of access and challenge, as we work to meet individual learning needs of the children. This ensures we get the curriculum offer just right for them.

Key Stage 2 Topics.


Food & Eating.

Where I live.

My Amazing Body.

Clothes We Wear.

Animals We See Around Us.


Games We Play.

Places We visit.

Key Stage 3 Topics.


The Modern World.

Travel & Transport.

Houses and Homes.

Growing and Changing.

Taking Care of Ourselves and Others.

The Changing World.

All Creatures Great and Small.

Living by the Sea.