Other Grants

Year 7 Catch Up Premium

At Stone Bay School we aim to ensure that all students are successful learners, we encourage independence and confidence. We develop our student’s ability to be effective communicators and responsible citizens.

The Government has made a commitment to provide additional funding of £500 to schools for each year 7 student who did not achieve at least a level 4 in the Key Stage 2 National Curriculum tests in Reading and/or Mathematics.

We currently have 4 students in Year 7 who receive the extra funding.

Provision 2014/15

The majority of our students have some difficulty in the area of communication. This is very often the biggest barrier to their learning.

In 2014/15 we ran weekly Enrichment classes in both Maths and Literacy for our Year 7 students. These were delivered by the school Maths and Literacy subject leaders.

The sessions incorporated Literacy and Numeracy skills, focusing on the Individual students IEP targets in the two subject areas. The funding was used to purchase games and activity resources to encourage participation and enjoyment as part of the learning taking place. Feedback of each session was recorded and given to individual teachers to record progress made.


2014/15Number of Students
Generalised Leaning Difficulties1
Total Funding£4000


Year 7 Catch Up Provision. 2015/16

2015/2016Number of Students
Total Number of Students4
Total Funding Due March 2016£2000

We currently use our funding to provide our Year 7 students with extra Literacy (Communication) and Numeracy sessions. The extra Literacy sessions are delivered by our Speech and Language Therapy associate practitioners. (SaLT AP).

The grant is used to buy Literacy based games and activities to encourage participation from the targeted group of students. These sessions are delivered weekly to the Year 7 students on an individual or small group basis. Progress made is recorded weekly in the individual student Communication files which all staff have access to.

Weekly Numeracy sessions are delivered by the Numeracy subject leader during Enrichment sessions. These sessions also focus on students individual IEP targets, progress made is recorded and feedback is provided to the class teacher.


Sports Grant

PE and Sport Premium 2015 – 2016

The PE and sport premium was used to extend the range of activities and events available to students in the school in a range of sport activities. New equipment was purchased to enhance student’s badminton and rugby skills. We hope to develop these skills further in the coming year with inter and intra-school events arranged for these specific sports.

The premium was used, supported by the school PE budget to employ a yoga instructor for 2 hours per week. The instructor delivered 20 minute yoga sessions either in classrooms or in a relaxation area that is easily accessible to all students in the school. The instructor provided training for staff so that yoga can be integrated into the curriculum and the school day throughout the week as the class teacher deems necessary.

PE and Sport Premium 2014-2015

The PE and sport premium was again used to extend the range of activities and events available to students in the school in a range of sport activities.

This year it was used to employ a yoga instructor for 1½ hours per week. The instructor moved around the school delivering 20 minute yoga sessions either in classrooms or in a relaxation area that is easily accessible to all students in the school. The instructor offered training and guidance for teachers to ensure that the programme can be continued and developed within the school for future years, ensuring the benefits of the investment are sustainable.

The remainder of the premium grant was used to:

  • Enhance the adventurous activities strand of the curriculum. Orienteering equipment was purchased and new GeoTagging activities were created using the school grounds and local area.
  • Ensure that we continued to network with other special and mainstream schools in order to offer a wide range of inter and intra-school PE.

Costs Apr 2014 – Mar 2015

Yoga – Equipment/Instructor costs                           £1500

Orienteering Equipment/costs                                    £300

Competitive Events                                                        £200

Use of PE and Sport Premium 2013-2014

The PE sport premium for the 2013/14 academic year was used to fund the use of sports leaders and the implementation of the UKA athletics scheme at Stone Bay School. Professional athletes supported other potential sports leaders in giving our students guidance and support in a range of athletics events. The funding allowed for the school to buy into the UKA athletics scheme and to ensure that teachers had suitable training to deliver, record and differentiate the athletics sessions to ensure that students achieved to their full potential. The funding ensured that each student received a certificate and an award badge. All students in the school achieved at least a bronze award in the UKA athletics scheme with the sports leaders presenting the certificates at our school family fun day.

The funding has also been used at Stone Bay to host events with other special and mainstream schools in the local area. Students enjoyed a range of events including uni-hockey, football, new age curling and boccia. The sport premium has also funded webcams to facilitate the playing of boccia and tenpin bowling over Skype, enabling students to compete in inter-school tournaments without leaving their classroom.