School Meals


Stone Bay School is fortunate to have an in-house Catering Staff Team who work with the education and residential education staff teams to provide every student with a varied, wholesome, nutritious and interesting diet. Our Catering Manager adheres to the Government’s food and nutrition based standards for school lunches and uses information and ideas from the School Food Trust.

Our Catering Team provides for the dietary requirements of all students. This includes sourcing specialist foods for students who require dairy free, gluten free or wheat free diets as well as catering for the needs of students who may have food allergies or intolerences.

Children and young people with autism may refuse to eat certain food items or prefer to eat the same food at each meal. In consultation with the student’s parents and with the education and residential education staff teams, the catering staff encourage our students to tolerate and try new foods.

The Sixth Form hosts a Cafe Experience each week for the whole school. Our catering staff work alongside the students in preparing food to sell in the Café. This is one of the highlights of the school week for both students and staff!

The school has recently introduced themed days, in which a special lunch is provided by the catering team. This academic year we will celebrate our four national saints’ days, American Independence Day, Bastille Day and of course – Christmas! These special days provide an opportunity to introduce the students to foods based around a theme and are an ideal opportunity for our students to eat together as a school community.

Students eat lunches in their classrooms and residential students have breakfast, their evening meal and supper in their residential units. On open weekends, our fortnightly boarders have all meals in the units or whilst out at activities. This may be at a restaurant or they may make a packed meal.